Pharoh Tikhet

Unchallenged God-King of the Alabaster Throne


Lvl30 Deva Cleric ‘Devoted Cleric Build ‘Divine Spark Wisdom ‘Divne Spark Charisma ‘Pact Initiate- Star Pact ‘Background- Scion of an Ancient Bloodline ‘Paragon Path- Radiant Servant ‘Epic Destiny- Demigod ‘Diety- Himself (Amaunator)

Ability Scores: Str-14 Con-16 Dex-16 Int-18 Wis-24 Cha-20

Skills: Acr-17 Arc-24 Ath-16 Blf-20 Dplm-25 Dngn-22 Endr-17 Heal-27 Hist-24 Ins-27 Intm-20 Nat-22 Per-24 Rel-26 Stlth-17 Stws-20 Thv-17

Feats: Cleric-Ritual Caster, 1-Implement Expertise(holy symbol), 2-Toughness, 4-Pact Initiate, 6-Auspicious Lineage, 8-Alertness, 10-Improved Reflexes, 11-Lightning Reflexes, 12-Combat Anticipation, 14-Novice Power, 16-Divine Rage, 18-Distant Shot, 20-Fleet-Footed, 21-Uncanny Dodge, 22-Adept Power, 24-Triumphant Attack, 26-Far Shot, 28-Danger Sense, 30-Font of Radiance.

Powers: 1atwill-Lance of Faith, 1atwill-Sacred Flame, 2utility-Divine Aid, 6utility-Cure Serious Wounds, 10utilty-Mass Cure Light Wounds, 16utility-Divine Armor, 17encounter-Sentinel Strike, 19daily-Knight of Glory, 22utility-Spirit of Health, 23encounter-Healing Torch, 25daily-Seal of Binding, 27encounter-Sunburst, 29daily-Godstrike.

Equipment: Ritual Book, Main Hand-Radiant Spear+6, Off Hand-Symbol of Radiant Vengance+6, Dawn Warrior Spiritmail+6, Laurel Circlet, Scarab of Invulnerability+6, Belt of Sacrifice, Gloves of the Healer, Bracers of Escape, Sandals of Precise Stepping, Ring of Elemental Mastery, Nullifying Ring.

Rituals: 1-Amanuensis, Arcane Mark, Comprehend Language, Fastidiousness, Gentle Repose, Make Whole, Purify Water, Silence, Simbul’s Conversion, Unseen Servant. 2-Bloom, Endure Elements, Eye of Alarm, Preservation, Water Walk. 3-Battlefield Elocution, Fool’s Gold, Undead Ward. 4-Arcane Lock, Call of Friendship, Delay Affliction, Enchant Magic Item, Transfer Enchantmnt, Traveller’s Feast. 5-Magic Circle. 6-Cure Disease, Disern Lies, Disenchant Magic Item, Duplicate, Sending. 8-Analyze Portal, Anthem of Unity, Linked Portal, Remove Affliction, Seal Portal. 10-Chorus of Truth, Consult Mystic Sages, Song of Rest, Trailblaze. 11-Hitory Revealed. 12-Arcane Barrier, Demicache. 14-Astral Guide, Eye of Warning, Planar Sending, Sentinel Eye. 15-Astral Sojurn. 16-Far Sending, Farsight, Safeguard. 18-Planar Portal. 22-Divine Sight, Loremaster’s Bargain. 24-Observe Creature. 26-Shift Mote. 28-True Portal. 30-Raise Land, Transmute Land(convert any land type to Plains).


The new ruler of Solis, the White City. As the youngest living child of Pharoh Mikhalae, Tikhet was thrust into power upon the end of his mother’s 110 year rule. As he took his vows in the White Pyramid, his siblingsascended to join the brothers and sisters of his predecessors in the Immortal Legion of Pharim. Shifting from nine-year-old heir apparent to fully grown, divinely empowered GodKing in the course of one night took its toll on the mind of this ruler. His Pharim are compelled to answer his call, and he is fully capable of waging war, though some in his court are unsure he has the stomach for killing.

Pharoh Tikhet

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