Pax Primus is the story of the first true time of peace on the continent of Athos.

The First War, a time whose Truth is lost to the fog of Myth, left the land divided by magical influences.

Ancient pacts with beings beyond the physical realm bind the myriad nations.

Five sovereign city-states rule the broken scape.

White-A half-mortal Pharoh, with an astrologically timed reign, provides for his subjects and commands his angelic host.

Solis, Theopolis of the Sun. Throne of Pharoh.

From the cold white shores of the Northern Sea, across the sands of the Solhar desert beyond the White Pyramid, to the grasslands of Bashi along the River Nales; from the Ruun Highlands, to beneath the ancient Valley of Som. The Pharoh of Solis rules. Servants of the ‘Sunborn’ include: (Men: Zulu/Bantu/Arabs)Solii, (Smallfolk: Dwarven Math Preists)Somi, (Beastmen: Leonin,Rhoxx)Bhashan, Ruannan, (White Elementals: Khalshtar)Eloi, and (Immortals: Angelic Zulu Generals)Pharim.

Blue-Azure demons walk in black steel armor, sail on black steel ships, and rule without question over countless islands.

Otokiva, Jewel of the Eastern Coast. Grand Harbor of the Demon Prince.

The azure waters of the Deep Span are no border to the Oni Fleet, a vast network of atoll harbors and vassal archipelagos make this naval empire well able to suport its budding industrial revolution. (Men: EastAsians,Polynesians)Akai, Samui, (Smallfolk: Gnome Steamsmiths)Dina, (Beastmen: Merfolk)Tsunei, (Blue Elementals: Nymphs)Kamaya, and (Immortals: Tiefling Samurai-Mages)Onikai are ruled by the Cobalt Throne.

Black-Necromancers who have stolen the curse of vampirism dominate a half dead realm of wicked men and dread beasts.

Neis, City of Tombs. Citadel of the Imperator Infinitum.

Deep caverns and high mountain dales rimmed by the frozen southern peaks support and shelter the Legio Immortis(Blood Pact Warlocks), a Necrophage army. Their zombie horde, the Thousand Coins. And all the slave nations of the Dead Realm. (Men: Greeks,Balkans,Norse)Heloi, Secroi, Viknoi, (Smallfolk: Kender Riddicks)Hadexoi, (Beastmen: Aven-ravens)Coris, (Black Elementals: Aboliths)Myxothanis, and (Immortals: Shadar-kai Spartans)Thanoi.

Red-Horseborne Elves bully semi-nomadic tribes into tribute feifdoms, supporting their infighting and controlling their trade routes.

Cydon, Furnace of the Western Mountains. Iron Fortress of the Asha-Il’Khan.

A rapidly avancing industrial center surrounded by tiny tribes and satrap kingdoms, this is the capital of Ashar. Slaves of the Il’Khan include: (Men: Celts,Huns,Hindi,Aztecs,Moors&Spaniards)Bradhis, Talar, Baghvata, Itzli, Berbis, and Baratir; (Smallfolk: Goblin Slave Engineers) Chitr’tyh, (Beastmen: Minotaurs,Aven,Nagha)Brahmata, Quauhtli, Coatli, (Red Elementals: Golems)Djinn, and the Crimson Horde (Immortals: Elven Mongols)Ashar Vaal.

Green-Eladrin led wood-bound barbarians struggle against their greedy, ever expanding neigbors.

Ailynda Aramr, Canopy Palace of the Western Forests. Cypress City of the Ailynwr.

Across the western mountains is a vast expanse of temperate forests, jungles, mangrove swamps and cypress lakes. This is the home of the Ailynwr and their primal allies: (Men: Aboriginal,Germanic,Amazonian,Indochinese,NativeAmerican)Womma, Ekwitr, Guatupete, Dong nha Nom, Skaskoyate, (Smallfolk: Gnomes)Lagihewhey, (Beastmen: Wolf,Jaguar,Snake)Ulfgr, Yaguanamba, Nadowsu, (Green Elementals: Dryads)Pethr Aldr, and the (Immortals: Eladrin)Ailynwr.

Pax Primus